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The Wonder Weeks 10.7.1 APK (Paid) Download for Android

The Wonder Weeks APK is an app that helps you monitor the activities of babies and children to detect and respond appropriately to Wonder Weeks – particularly disturbing weeks for children.

Introduce about The Wonder Weeks

The #1 baby app worldwide for moms!

The Wonder Weeks is a difficult time for both mother and child

Children are angels. But angels are also ready to cry, sometimes for no reason at all. You are about to become a mother and are messing up your hair to face the time of taking care. There are new concepts that appear for the first time. It is the conclusion of many generations of mothers who have gone before, and also the future that is coming for you and your children.

One of the most difficult, most difficult concepts for young mothers is “Wonder Weeks”. In a nutshell, wonder weeks are “difficult” periods that appear in babies and the early stages of weaning, when angels cry for no reason. Deep within them are milestones that mark a milestone in the physiological, mental, and psychological development of an infant. Theoretically, this is a good sign. Wonder Weeks = Growth and Progress.

But what about in reality?

The most common symptoms of Wonder Weeks are: upset, often crying and comforting, more irritable than usual, not eating well, not getting enough sleep, refusing to breastfeed, or even giving up sucking at all. The child is also struggling to face the change in their own bodies, confused, bewildered, for some reason only uncomfortable, unable to speak, can only express themselves by crying.

At the same time, mom and dad are the two most susceptible to stress. The child did not sleep, cried constantly, and could not find a reason to comfort, the whole family lost sleep, the mother lost sleep, ran out of milk, was dull all day, mentally tired, and not clear. A lot of postpartum depression falls on these Wonder Weeks.

I don’t understand how mothers in the past used to overcome it. But now we have a lot of information about these stages. Knowing about it is one thing, identifying the exact moment in each child and having a method is another matter. So why not take it a step further, find a more useful support tool to be able to manage the emotions and moods of both baby and parents?

One of the most useful and practical applications to support mothers today on mobile phones is The Wonder Weeks.

What is The Wonder Weeks?

The Wonder Weeks is a mobile app, developed for millions of parents to identify, monitor, accompany and understand what they should do to support their babies in their intellectual development milestones and the physiology of the child.

It is because of this practicality, usefulness, and humanity that The Wonder Weeks have been voted in the Top Best Selling Apps for many years, on both iOS and Android.

The Wonder Weeks helps you keep track of your child’s brain development milestones

Between the ages of 0 and 20 months, it is normal for children to go through tremendous mental development. After 20 months of age, the brain is almost completely complete in terms of size and function, ready to absorb new reflexes, knowledge, and habits. Learning everything also starts with the foundation of the first 20 months of life.

Any rough interference, shouting, or negative reactions to important milestones during this time can have negative consequences later on. The right attitude from mothers and fathers toward babies is: Understanding, Empathy, Listening, and Accompanying children through these difficult times.

To empower parents during this sensitive time, The Wonder Weeks offers a variety of features and tools to help them get through Wonder Weeks with their children. Specifically, the series of features that you get when you download The Wonder Weeks to use include:

  • Learn all about the 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks, and insights, distilled from many of the world’s leading infant experts
  • The leap schedule of progress from the child will be personalized. Thereby you can know the start, end and when the next wonder week is expected to take place. Knowing in advance to prepare mentally is essential for every mom.
  • With each wonder week of your child, you will be suggested ways to help him and relieve discomfort in many different ways. Note: each child will have a different wonder weeks route, no one is the same. You need to work hard to monitor and input data with the app for the first time, then the predictions and data that appear will be more accurate. Each wonder week period will also have a completely different treatment, unlike the period before or after.
  • Through wonder weeks, The Wonder Weeks will also predict the new skills your baby will acquire after each “struggling” together. Mom can rely on it to check and take notes to continue to monitor more closely.
  • Create a Personal Diary to track your baby’s growth and milestones
  • Summarize the development process in a brief handbook, to help parents gain insight into their child’s perception of the world.

Some advanced optional features

In addition to the main feature mentioned above, The Wonder Weeks also has a series of advanced optional features based on the service plan you are using, including:

  • More than 350 milestones to track in the diary
  • Support to put babies to sleep over 4G Wi-Fi, including 7 chapters on sleep from books
  • E-books (whole or chapter by chapter)
  • Audiobooks (whole or chapter by chapter)
  • Music to lull your baby to sleep, including white noise and music

Download The Wonder Weeks APK free for Android

For parents, monitoring the child’s daily development is not only a responsibility but also a joy and a blessing. Let’s grow up with your child every day, gently and comfortably, with the least stress, for both mother and child with convenient support from Wonder Weeks.

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