Nigerians Reminded That They Cannot Work in Qatar With a Hayya Card

The Embassy of Nigeria in Doha has published an advisory to Nigerian travellers regarding strict rules of behaviour demanded by the authorities in Qatar.

Such an announcement was published by the FIFA tournament that has begun on November 20 and will last until December 18, VisaGuide.World reports.

In this regard, the Embassy stressed that it wishes to advise fans from Nigeria travelling for the soccer fiesta should obey and respect the laws of Qatar.

“The Embassy wants to state unequivocally that the special world cup visa called Hayya card as well as Entry Permit can not and will not be changed or transformed to a work visa or permit. Citizens of Nigeria should therefore not fall victim to unscrupulous elements spreading fake news in that regard to trip off innocent Nigerians,” the statement reads.

However, the Embassy has encouraged all travellers to enjoy the experience during this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Authorities in Qatar previously introduced the Hayya Card, for all those who plan to participate in the World Cup, clarifying that those who obtain a valid Hayya Card are not required to apply for a visa in order to enter Qatar.

Qatar’s government has continuously attempted to facilitate the travel process for those who plan to become part of the FIFA World Cup.

In addition, last month, authorities in Qatar announced that all those who plan to enter Qatar would no longer be required to show valid proof that they have tested negative for the Coronavirus upon their arrival in this country after such a requirement was removed.

Authorities in Qatar announced that such a decision was taken as part of the efforts to further ease the travel process.

According to the figures provided by the World Health Travel Organization, Qatar has registered a total of 475,897 cases of COVID-19 infection since the start of the pandemic, while a total of 684 people have died during the same period.

The figures provided by the World Health Organization also reveal that as of November 15, over 7,596,100 vaccine doses have been administered in this territory.

However, despite such figures, authorities in this country decided to ease the entry restrictions imposed due to the virus, in order to bring to the country a large number of visitors.

According to an AFP report, up to this point, more than 3 million World Cup tickets have been sold, while the government has said that the tournament has helped to increase the revenues over the past four years to a total of  $7.5 billion.

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