Egypt Introduces New Changes to Attract Hayya Card Holders Participating in Qatar World Cup

Authorities in Egypt have announced that they have introduced new changes in order to attract fans to become part of this year’s World Cup as well as those who hold a Hayya card to visit the nation’s various tourist destinations during this championship.

Such an announcement has been revealed by the recent report of Egypt Independent, VisaGuide.World reports.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Egypt, through a statement, said that such facilities come in an effort to help the further growth of the tourism sector, in order to benefit from the FIFA World Cup, which began on November 20, in Qatar and will continue 20 until December 18.

In this regard, Ghada Shalaby, the Deputy Minister of Tourism for Tourism Affairs, stressed that among these measures is also the adoption of visa facilities for entry to this territory for holders of Hayya Card participating in the World Cup in Qatar, similar to those introduced during the period of resumption of tourism amid the COVID-19 situation.

Shalaby also stressed that the Ministry is working together with the Egyptian Hotel Associations in cities in Egypt in order to offer a percentage of discount regarding the accommodation of prices announced online for all holders of the Hayya Card.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri stressed that a new decision has been taken for the Board of Directors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in order to grant a total of 50 per cent reduction to all those who obtain a valid Hayya Card on fees for visiting museums and archaeological sites that are open to visitors.

These measures come within the framework of efforts to encourage inbound tourism to Egypt’s tourist destinations and benefit from the World Cup to promote tourism to Egypt. The measures also aim to encourage tourism and aviation companies to organize tourist excursions from Qatar and its surrounding countries to spend their holiday in Egypt,” the statement provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities reads.

In addition, the same emphasized that it is scheduled that the Tourism Authority in Egypt will also present a promotional campaign in order to promote the facilities that have been projected to attract these fans in order to visit Egypt during and after participating in the World Cup in Qatar.

Previously, authorities in Qatar introduced the Hayya Card, a document that all internationals planning to participate in the World Cup must have, together with their match ticket.

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