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Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK 3.7 (Unlimited Fuel) for Android

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Are you interested in the life of a bus driver? Would you like to explore and experience this particular lifestyle by being an actual bus driver? And at the same time, feeling like going for a tour trip all across the beautiful country of Indonesia? Then you should definitely find this new and enjoyable mobile title of Bus Simulator Indonesia extremely interesting.

Hop on your favorite buses and experience the unique and interesting gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia where you’ll have the chance to work as a full-time bus driver in the awesome country of Indonesia. Explore the in-depth and beautiful gameplay as you explore the stunning and iconic sceneries of the country while also being a bus driver.


Find out more about this amazing mobile game from Maleo with our reviews of Bus Simulator Indonesia.


The game is the ultimate bus driving simulation for any of you who wish to visit Indonesia and experience the unique life of a bus driver, here in this beautiful country. Ride on your bus as you pick up and drop passengers off at each station. Have fun on the realistic and accurate roads with complete traffics. And at the same time, enjoy your awesome ride on a variety of different vehicles.

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves work and play as a full-time bus driver by taking on a series of different in-game challenges. Start by following the current driving regulations of the country. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy the unique and interesting experiences whilst driving through the iconic locations across the country. Enjoy your visit of the country by driving the car across the different locations. Experience the authentic Indonesia in this awesome bus simulation.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls to help you get started

To start with, Android gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will find themselves having access to the awesome in-game experiences as they dive into the exciting driving simulation gameplay. Feel free to hop on any bus and quickly get used to its control as you enjoy the easy and intuitive car handling.

Make uses of the touch button controls as you guide your bus through the beautiful roads of Indonesia. Or enjoy the actual controls with accessible pedals, gear controls, and steering wheel. The awesome in-game controls will help you get started in your preferred approaches.

And for those of you who’re interested, the game also features different views for you to enjoy. Start with the third-person view as you spectate your bus and the road from above. Gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia can find themselves enjoying the awesome gameplay by getting right into the cockpit. Take a look at the road ahead and the passengers on the seats behind. It’ll definitely make you feel like you’re actually driving your own bus.

Visit the country through many authentic cities and places

To make the game more interesting, gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the beautiful Indonesia cities. That being said, it’s possible for you to dive into the realistic bus driving experiences where you would ride on your bus through the country.

Explore and experience the beautiful cities, each boasting its own iconic sceneries, locations, and the advanced road system for you to enjoy. Stop at the stations for the customers to get down and new ones to get up. It feels like you’re actually driving your own bus. Plus, the authentic and realistic cities will also allow you to visit the country for an ultimate tour without having to go anywhere.

Bus Simulator Indonesia screenshot 2

Legit Indonesian Buses with realistic and in-depth designs

Moreover, as you find yourself diving into the awesome bus simulation gameplay, gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the realistic Indonesian Buses, each boasting its own unique and interesting designs. Ride on the awesome vehicles with authentic designs and setups. Experience the job of a bus driver from multiple aspects as you hop on these unique rides.

Stunning maps with accurate designs and realistic elements

And for those of you who’re interested, you’ll definitely find the stunning maps in the game quite awesome. Feel free to dive into the in-depth in-game traffics with realistic road constructions, complete traffic lights and signs system, along with multiple vehicles that fill the street each time you ride on your favorite buses. The intelligent AI will allow the other vehicles to operate just as they were on the actual street. Moreover, the intuitive Weather system will make your rides extra realistic and enjoyable as the dynamic weather allows you to completely immerse in the awesome in-game maps.

Feel free to customize your rides

To make the game more interesting, gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the in-depth bus customizations that are available in the game. Feel free to hop on your favorite vehicles and put on them all kinds of interesting customizations.

Start by putting on new paints, customize your car parts, add certain graphics, calligraphy, and so on. You’re freely allowed to personalize your rides to how you wanted in the game. Even go with the extreme by putting on all kinds of interesting LED lights and customizations as you go.

Moreover, it’s also possible for you to upgrade your bus to provide a better over experience for the passengers and for the driver. Feel free to upgrade the seats, power up the engines, put on new tires, and so on.

Bus Simulator Indonesia screenshot 3

Cool, interesting, and iconic honks

And to make the game a lot more, gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the exciting gameplay where you can access to interesting honks with your cars. And most importantly, you can have fun with the “Om Telolet Om!”, which the famous Internet sensation that you can really enjoy.

Enjoy as little advertisements as possible

With Bus Simulator Indonesia, Android gamers will also find themselves not being bothered by annoying ads. That’s said, the game features as little ads as possible. Hence, you won’t find it difficult to enjoy the game to the fullest. And most importantly, there won’t be any obstructive ads that block your view or disrupt you during your gameplay.

Connect to your Google Play Service accounts for unlockable contents

For those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible for you to connect the game to the Google Play Service and unlock new content. That’s said, you can easily look for new gameplay in the Leaderboards where you’ll compete with the top driver in the entire country. Complete your in-game challenges at your best and achieve the highest scores as you progress. In addition, with the available online saves, it’s also possible for you to securely save your progress and easily sync it between your devices. Never find Bus Simulator Indonesia so enjoyable and convenient.

Build and customize your own 3D model of vehicles

And last but not least, to make the game even more interesting, gamers in Bus Simulator Indonesia will also find themselves having access to the vast and enjoyable gameplay with the interesting mod system in the game. With it, you’ll be able to drive on all kinds of interesting 3D models and explore the streets of Indonesia in varied aspects. Hop on a variety of interesting 3D models as you progress.

Free to play

For those of you who aren’t aware yet, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence, you’ll find it possible to have the game downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store for absolutely free.

Bus Simulator Indonesia screenshot 4

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

And if you’re finding the game being somewhat bothering due to the in-game ads and purchases, then you can completely get rid of those by going for our modified version of the game. Enjoy the epic rides and discovering the beautiful country of Indonesia whilst having access to the unlimited money, ad-free experiences, and so on. Have the game completely unlocked and free for you to enjoy.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you who’re interested, Bus Simulator Indonesia offers the accurate and abundant visual experiences that would certainly satisfy you. That’s said, you’ll surely find the beautiful cars, in-depth road constructions, accurate traffics, and complete weathers being absolutely amazing. And most importantly, the realistic physics will surely make you feel like you’re actually driving in real life.


With powerful and impactful audio experiences, Bus Simulator Indonesia introduces Android gamers to the exciting bus simulation that you would certainly enjoy. That’s said, the accurate sound effects will make you feel presence throughout your journeys. And the relaxing music will certainly make things a lot more interesting. Not to mention that you’ll also have access to the unique in-game radio and music, which would introduce you to Indonesian culture.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous Bus simulator 2017 will certainly find themselves enjoying this new and interesting gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia. With it, you’ll have the chances to dive into a completely refreshing gameplay with your authentic Indonesia buses as well as visiting the country as you go. And most importantly, the free and unlocked gameplay will definitely satisfy even the most skeptical gamers.

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