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+++Now more than 11 million players worldwide +++
+++The help function is newly upgraded, and the grid system is fully optimized +++
+++ #1 on iPad and iPhone games chart in 33 countries +++
+++ Added SlopeMania component and 24 new levels and ramps+++

In Bridge Constructor you have to become a skilled bridge builder. There are 40 different levels in total, and bridges can be built over deep valleys, ditches or rivers. Stress testing can prove whether the bridge you are building can withstand the continual crushing of cars and trucks every day.

You can choose a different material for each section of the bridge, such as wood, rebar, steel cables or concrete pillars. A perfect bridge can only be built using the right materials and staying within budget. When building a bridge, you can mix and match different building materials at will, which means there are many ways to build a bridge – the only limitation is your budget. You can also use the optimized grid system to build a perfect bridge with high precision. Let your imagination and creativity run free! If you get stuck, you can find valuable information in the new help system.


• 40 levels in the island nation of Camatuga
• Free build mode and help system
• 5 scenarios: city, canyon, beach, mountain, hill
• Improved grid system
• A map with all unlocked worlds/levels
• 4 different building materials: wood, rebar, steel cables, concrete pillars
• Color-coded loading indicators for different building materials
• Three different load levels: car, truck and tanker
• Show high scores for each level
• Facebook sharing (upload screenshots and bridge scores)

SlopeMania Component Features

• Brand new island of Tiltin
• Build ramp option – also available in Camatuga
• Added “Cave” scene
• Set 24 “slope” levels, including the very tricky “crazy level”

MOD APK version of Bridge Constructor

MOD feature

Free to Play

Download Bridge Constructor APK & MOD for Android

This is probably the oldest app on my phone besides the ones that have come out. I like this game very much. It’s perfect for when you’re bored or want to pass the time. It’s also very useful when you’re feeling anxious; it’s enough to relax you, but enough to get your attention. I’m really happy that this app not only exists, but has been well updated and running smoothly over the years. Thank you, bridge builders!

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Bridge Constructor Portal, an informative, challenging puzzle game with tons of brain teasers across 60 levels” IGN” for fans of the original series of Bridge Constructor games , it’s a no-brainer, but it’s an added treat especially for fans of Portal games. “Polygon” Bridge Constructor Portal is a mashup I didn’t know I wanted. Whether it’s a sign of more games coming soon , or just an unexpected one, I’m amazed that this game exists – and how much I love it.”

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